The Truffle ACADEMY


TRUFFLE King of Cuisine: Hunting, & Enjoying. Move on a walk to the most suitable wood according to the season (if in summer in search of the “scorzone” truffle, in the pine forest for the search for “bianchetto”, or further downstream for the search for “fine white” )


  • TRUFFLE!!!… The Diamond of the woods… what else?
  • All kind of truffles hunted according to the season and enjoyed at table.


  • Absolutely exclusive, PRIVATE and unique experience.
  • Location: TUSCANY – Palaia (Pisa)
  • Received by an expert truffle hunter in a classic ancient Tuscan farmhouse
  • Walk to the most suitable wood according to the season
  • LUNCH (prepared by our Chef in front of fireplace and open kitchen) that enhances what we found in the woods.
  • Optional Journey: Travel in luxury car or van. English speaking and wine-food expert chauffeur. Scenic drive through Tuscany.


We are happy to give you any more details, and inform on restart.

Call or message us.


  • For this absolutely exclusive and private experience you’ll be received by an expert truffle hunter (English speaking…) in a classic ancient Tuscan farmhouse on the green hills of Palaia (near Pisa) immersed in 30 hectares of centuries-old woods with natural truffle grounds where your truffle hunting will take place.
  • The warm and welcoming rustic Tuscan environment, with fireplace and open kitchen, is the setting for your lesson on the world of truffles and lunch (for those who have more time, only in the “extended” version of experience, even of the cooking class)
  • From here we move on a walk to the most suitable wood according to the season (if in summer in search of the “scorzone” truffle, in the pine forest for the search for “bianchetto”, or further downstream for the search for “fine white” ).
  • On your return you will have your cooking class (only in the “extended” version of experience) led by our Chef on the basic secrets of truffle dishes, then a light LUNCH that enhances what we found in the woods: 2 courses, tagliolini with fresh seasonal truffle, fried egg and fresh truffle – All courses paired with local wines which, according to our experience of several generations, go well with these dishes.
    Duration of this “compact” version of the experience: 2,5 hours, max 3 hours.
    NOTE: if you have more time you can try the “extended” version of this experience


  • Private one-day luxury roundtrip in comfortable air-conditioned passenger van or car, with a professional and long experienced driver. Your chauffer speaks English and he’s an expert of Wine and Food. Pick-up and drop-off service in Departure location
  • Experience Only Prices
    NOTE: Adult here is intended (>12 years old)
    From January 1 to September 9  – 1 ADULT (age >12):  250 € per person (if 2-3-4 people),  210 € per person (if 5-6-7-8 people) – CHILD (age 6-12):  105 € per person – 1 INFANT (age 0-5): FREE
    From September 10  to December 31 (white truffle season) – 1 ADULT (age >12):  310 € per person (if 2-3-4 people),  250 € per person (if 5-6-7-8 people) – CHILD (age 6-12):  125 € per person – 1 INFANT (age 0-5): FREE
  • Optional Journey Prices (fixed up to 8 passengers)
    From BOLOGNA (12 hrs): 920 € – from FLORENCE: 650 € – from GENOA Cruise Port (8 hrs): 775 € – from LA SPEZIA Cruise Port (8 hrs): 615 € – from LIVORNO Cruise Port (8 hrs): 450 € – from ROME (12 hrs): 1.250 €
  • Please note that if you buy the FULL package, WITH the Optional Journey, this is always a FULL DAY experience of a total of 8 (eight) hours (tipically when your departure point is a PORT where you arrive on a cruise and this is a “shore excursion”), but if your departure point is a CITY the tour will be of a total of 10 (ten) or 12 (twelve) hours, so you’ll be able to enjoy everything more relaxed and have the time to visit, if you like, some marvellous other places nearby.
  • If you buy the EXPERIENCE only, WITHOUT the Journey, this will include minimum of 3 (three) hours “on site”, up to 4 (four).
  • IMPORTANT: the ON SITE experience lasts about 2,5-3 (two and half- three) (NOTE: if you have more time you can try the “extended” version of this experience) hours and STARTS between 10.00 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. – NO LATE ADMITTING (our Optional Journeys are organized accordingly and start between 08.00 a.m. and 09.00 a.m., eventually ask for details).
  • Number of People: min 2 (two), max 8 (eight) – please note that this is an absolutely PRIVATE tour, so you’ll never be mixed with other people.
  • If you don’t find your desidered departure place in the above list, don’t worry and please click HERE to browse by “DEPARTURES” main menù and find another extraordinary experience available from your starting point.
  • Not included – All the goods you’d like to buy at the company shop or in any other place during the experience – Everything not detailed above.
  • Legal note on alchool: 0<17 years old people are NOT allowed to drink ALCOHOL. So they’re absolutely welcome in joining this tour, enjoy the experience, the visit and the meals, but CAN NOT drink any kind of ALCOHOL (wine, spirits, etc.) (that’s the reason why the big difference in price)
  • We strongly suggest to add the Optional Journey – If you are going at the location of the experience with your car, you are “forced” to provide that one of the adults in your group (who will drive on the way back) DO NOT DRINK alcohol – If you drive with even a single glass of wine in the belly you risk hefty fines. For your SAFETY our professional drivers obviously DO NOT DRINK at all.
  • PAYMENTS, CANCELLATIONS and REFUNDS POLICY: Reservations close 14 days before event – NOTE: no payment on “booking” because each booking request must be confirmed. Only after confirmation 100% BALANCE. 100% refund for cancellations within 72 hours before the event. 50% refund for cancellations within 48 hours. No refunds for cancellations within 24 hours or if the customer does not show up.
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