Michelin star chef private cooking class in Rome

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Food lovers exclusive luxury experience

Chef Cristina Bowerman is the only Michelin starred female chef in Rome

Buy ingredients, private cooking class, enjoy 10 courses dinner

Cooking with a Michelin starred Chef

Learn the secrets and feel the magic of the “backstage” of a Michelin star

Chef Cristina Bowerman (Michelin star since 2010), the only female chef with 1 Michelin star in Rome, will welcome you in her Glass Hostaria in the middle of Trastevere, one of the most traditional, antique area in Rome.

The restaurant is counter-current with the Trastevere scene, exactly like Cristina’s cuisine.

By the way, Cristina recently opened her new restaurant, Glass Xian, in China, in the town of Xi’an, famous for the terracotta army.

Chef Bowerman will meet you at Glass, you’ll walk into traditional shops and markets to buy ingredients for your starred cooking experience.

Lesson will be held in a private room by Chef Bowerman and you’ll prepare under her directions one of the courses that you’ll enjoy in the following “10 courses + wine pairing” tasting dinner.

At the end of the lesson, before dinner, will be served an aperitif and you’ll assist to the cooking of your plates in the starred kitchen.


ROME, historical city center, a fashionable Michelin starred restaurant

COOKING ACADEMIES – Michelin Starred Chef

Duration on-site (hours. ±1): about 4 (four) hours and starts at 04.00 p.m.

A Michelin starred restaurant is not only a restaurant, it’s part of an Olympus where only a few people in the world are admitted…

The kitchen of this Olympus is also more exclusive and “common mortals” never enter here…

Guests of WFTI will be admitted and the “Pink Queen” Chef of this Olympus will be your tutor for as long as you can learn secrets and breathe the air of true professionals.

Among the small vicolos, the traditional atmosphere that Trastevere profuses, you can easily spot Glass as it represents an exception to the rule: modern, brave and surprising.

Glass offers a modern approach to Italian cuisine without ever forgetting to be in the heart of Rome, in the center of Italy.

When you are tired of traditional carbonara, cacio e pepe and scottadito, there’s Glass with new and unique approach to ingredients and dishes.

Chef Bowerman is constantly raising the bar with new and innovative techniques and ingredients that she englobes in her research, passion, experiences during her trips
around the world.

Her kitchen style is the result of experiences, travels, meetings, culinary training and studies, always been the primary source of inspiration.

Cristina’s cuisine is a cultural crossing that tells about taste through the constant dialogue between traditions, cultures, memory and places.

Dear guests of WFTI, you are kindly invited to forget everything you have heard about cooking lessons.

Let yourself be guided by our exuberant friend Chef Cristina to feel part of her rarefied world of exceptional artists of taste and food culture for a few hours.

And remember for life.

This is an exclusive experience created by Chef Cristina Bowerman and Marco Tenerini.

The courses named below are only examples, they will vary seasonally and according to the creativity of Mrs. Chef…

During your lesson you’ll probably prepare stuffed ravioli or potato dumplings, but your menù for dinner will be completed by some of the following…

  • Risotto, Castelmagno cheese, apricot with Armagnac
  • Linguini, red bell pepper sauce, sour cherries, mint, anchovies & dried roe
  • 60 months aged Parmisan cheese stuffed ravioli, Isigny butter & truffle
  • Lobster*, white polenta, yuba with red beet
  • Lamb, sumac, Pecorino cheese & chicory
  • Pigeon in two steps
  • Lemon, mint & basil

And all the perfect pairing wines…


  • FULL DAY SIGHTSEEING IN LUXURY CAR, LIMO, VAN OR HELICOPTER with English speaking professional driver/pilot. Departure from any main location, example Rome, Civitavecchia, Livorno, La Spezia, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Venice etc.
  • PRO Photographer/videomaker
  • Mr. Marco Tenerini as your “emotional storytelling guide” for the whole day.


From 1.520

“Rates per person:

ADULT (≥18 yo):
Pax 2: € 2750
Pax 3: € 1840
Pax 4: € 2200
Pax 5: € 1760
Pax 6: € 1470
Pax 7: € 1730
Pax 8: € 1520
MINOR ( yo): NA
INFANT ( yo): NA”

Prices for experience only; ask for transfers prices.
Just tell us how many people and your starting location.


  • Michelin starred Chef CRISTINA BOWERMAN


  • “10 courses + wine pairing” tasting dinner


  • Arrival at Glass Hostaria
  • Chef Cristina Bowerman welcomes you
  • Walk into traditional shops and markets
  • Lesson will be held in a private room by Chef Bowerman
  • Prepare under her directions one of the courses
  • At the end of the lesson, before dinner, aperitif
  • Assist to the cooking of your plates in the starred kitchen
  • Enjoy your astonishing “10 courses + wine pairing” tasting dinner
  • Goodbye


  • Michelin starred Chef CRISTINA BOWERMAN


  • “10 courses + wine pairing” tasting dinner


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