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103 Sant’Andrea – Gabriele

Kasher Rosè Sparkling wines lovers perfect winery visit & wine tasting

Food enthusiasts gourmet wine pairing lunch

Multiculturalism: Christian owners, Indian harvesters, Jewish cellarmen

Cantina SANT’ANDREA (or Cantina GABRIELE, for KOSHER wines) – Meet an amazing family and its multicultural wines

History doesn’t always go from castles to battlefields, sometimes a family that tenaciously and with passion produces great wines in an area, Lazio, traditionally not considered “up to” winemaking of other areas of Italy, reserve of surprises exceptional, with its history of vineyards all over the world, of wonderful and unknown bottles, of simple and traditional dishes but perfect for pairing.

In 1850 the Pandolfos cultivate Zibibbo on the Sicilian island of Pantelleria, in 1880 they moved to produce fine wines in Tunisia, even serving France. In 1964 they were expelled by the new Tunisian government and settled in Lazio, where they began a new great adventure among the vineyards that led them to be today an international leader, even in Kosher wines.

Multiculturalism: Christian owners who have traveled between Europe and Africa, Indian grape harvesters, Jewish cellarmen for Kosher wines.


Terracina (Latina)

RARE WINES: Sparkling Rosè & KOSHER

Duration on-site (hours. ±1): 5

Welcome APERITIF with our “Riflessi Rosato Spumante Extra Dry” and appetizers from the kitchen.

PRIVATE visit, guided in English.

The whole experience will be EXCLUSIVELY guided by a member of the Pandolfo family (owners of the winery).

Before lunch, TASTING of our TOP wines in a vertical of at least 3 wines from different vintages, an experience again exclusively guided by the owner.

Perfect pairing country-gourmet lunch.

Each course is paired with one of our DIFFERENT top wines.

In addition to the 8 courses lunch, we welcome guests upon arrival, with a sparkling aperitif, and at the end of the meal a pre-dessert and a small pastry paired with our Moscato di Terracina Passito plus our “Oppidum” Grappa di Moscato di Terracina.

“RIFLESSI Rosato Spumante” (Reflections Rosé Sparkling) Extra Dry Spumante – IGT Lazio Rosé Spumante

One of the oldest grape varieties in our region.

The result of a white vinification and a slow second fermentation according to the charmat method.

Cherry rosé, with intense, floral and fruity aromas with notes of blackberry, raspberry and strawberry.

Pleasantly fresh, with a fine and persistent perlage.

Excellent as an aperitif, it is suitable to accompany seafood dishes, to be tried on linguine with scampi and grilled prawns.

“SOGNO” (Dream) IGT Rosso (red)

Grapes harvested overripe, a long maceration and over a year in small oak barrels characterize it.

Dark red, impenetrable, intense, ample aromas, notes of blackberry, cherry, currant, blend with chocolate, vanilla, toasted coffee and tobacco.

Dry taste, excellent structure, soft and velvety tannins.

It goes well with important dishes, braised meats, game, furred or feathered game, aged cheeses.

It has excellent aging capacity.

The GOURMET menù you don’t expect.

Just a sample of the seasonal offerings, with matching wines.

Our Panzanella, the Picchiapò pork croquette, the Conetto Cacio, pepper and mint, the Friggitello stuffed with milk potatoes and pepper jam, paired with “our spritz” (Riflessi white Spumante Charmat method and artisanal bitter).

Zucchini flower stuffed with ricotta and provola, zucchini ice cream alla scapece, buffalo mozzarella and Manaide anchovies.

Appetizers: buffalo tartare, buffalo stracciatella, datterino tomato ice cream, paired with Riflessi Rosato extra dry.

Then the eggplant Parmigiana, with “Oppidum moscato di Terracina”.

First courses:

  • Risotto Cacio e pepe, buffalo tartare, citrus pesto and Oppidum gel, paired with white “Dune”
  • Chicken Cacciatora Tortelli, accompanied by “Riflessi Rosso”.
  • Mangalica capocollo with coriander, peppers and apricot dried in “Capitolum” wine, tasted with “Sogno Riserva”.
  • Predessert of Ghiacciolini with lemon, lavender, white chocolate and raspberry, and Cremino with Gentile hazelnut..
  • Then the real desserts, Verde Rinfrescante, with Almond genoise, herb cream, celery and lemon sorbet, modern tiramisù, watermelon sorbet and Sarandrea bitters, served with a glass of Capitolium Moscato di Terracina DOC passito.


  • FULL DAY SIGHTSEEING IN LUXURY CAR, LIMO, VAN OR HELICOPTER with English speaking professional driver/pilot. Departure from any main location, example Rome, Civitavecchia, Livorno, La Spezia, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Venice etc.
  • PRO Photographer/videomaker
  • Mr. Marco Tenerini as your “emotional storytelling guide” for the whole day.


From 440

“Rates per person:

ADULT (≥18 yo):
Pax 2: € 440
Pax 3: € 440
Pax 4: € 440
Pax 5: € 440
Pax 6: € 440
Pax 7: € 440
Pax 8: € 440
MINOR (ask yo): Pax € 0
INFANT ( yo): Pax € 0”

Prices for experience only; ask for transfers prices.
Just tell us how many people and your starting location.


  • The amazing story of the Pandolfo family
  • The simply perfect GOURMET wine pairing lunch


  • RIFLESSI Rosato Spumante (Reflections Rosé Sparkling)
  • “SOGNO” (Dream) IGT Rosso (IGT Red)


  • Arrive in  winery
  • Meeting with your Ambassador (a member of the family)
  • Welcome aperitif with appetizers from the kitchen
  • Private guided visit of the “Christian” cellar
  • Private guided visit of the “Jewish” Kosher cellar
  • Tasting of our TOP wines, guided by the owner
  • Vertical (old vintages) tasting, guided by the owner
  • Gourmet 8 courses lunch
  • Special desserts
  • Special Spirits
  • Goodbye


  • The amazing story of the Pandolfo family
  • The simply perfect GOURMET wine pairing lunch


  • RIFLESSI Rosato Spumante (Reflections Rosé Sparkling)
  • “SOGNO” (Dream) IGT Rosso (IGT Red)


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