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Emilio Borsi Tuscan distillery

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Tuscan handcrafted Spirits & Liqueurs

Tuscan full LUNCH with wine & spirits pairing

Traditional ancient recipes for digestive liqueurs

DISTILLERY & Artisan LIQUEURS – Emilio BORSI Liquori – Cinchona based digestive “Elixir China Calisaja”.

Learn the secrets of modern “alchemists”, taste the power of the nature, enjoy Tuscan plates in a panoramic terrace.

When you arrive you’ll be received by Anna Maria and/or Nicola, the couple of owners and unique workers…

They’ll show and explain everything about their unique in the world way of making their liqueurs…

HANDS are the only machines and raw ingredients are only natural and mainly produced here.

A pair of psychopaths, believe me: they still produce entirely by hand and following inherited recipes who come from “800, a small range of liqueurs (a maximum of 5,000 bottles per year only, each single one hand prepared…).


Castagneto Carducci (Livorno)
South Tuscan coast

FOOD GEMS – Distillery – Liqueurs & Spirits

Duration on-site (hours. ±1): 4

Above all stands the “Elixir of China Calisaja”: they pulverize the pieces of bark of cinchona tree by beating them by hand in an old bronze mortar with a so huge pestle.

That acquires a sense when you are told that this way you avoid heating during crushing of bark and then the degradation of the active principles.

When you’ll drink a sip after a local lunch made of wild boar you’ll realize that the active ingredients for digestion are active, indeed, very active !!!)… not to mention the cold dissolve of sugar in alcohol, various long infusions, filtrature, aging in oak barrels, etc.

Taste all of their specialties: the China of course, but also the Liquor of the Shepherd (amazing too, milk and lemon), the Amarancia and the Gentian.

After the visit of this incredible laboratory and the “esotheric” liquers tasting, you’ll reach in five minutes the panoramic restaurant where you can immediately test the digestive properties of Emilio Borsi liqueurs !!!

This PRIVATE experience includes:

  • Visit of the distillery
  • Detailed explanation of all the artisanal techniques and properties of the ingredients
  • Tasting of the whole line of liqueurs, paired with homemade cakes
  • Full LUNCH with a special menù created exclusively for our guests, with an astonishing custom pairing of wines.

The Amarancia liqueur is made with the bitter oranges of Count Gaddo della Gherardesca.

We have continued in the healing tradition (Elixir of cinchona also has a medical certificate) as the bitter oranges were in fact used for scurvy, the lack of vitamin C.

The base of all liqueurs is a 33 ° pure alcohol, gluten-free and very light.

Cinchona is a bark from Ecuador that is cleaned, beaten in our ancient cast iron mortar for 20-25 hours, left to macerate in alcohol for 4 months, aged in oak barrels for 6 months and finally bottled.

Orange and lemon are extracted by hand, in a particular juicer and filtered with untreated paper.

“IL TIRRENO” 2017 oct. 19, Maria Meini.

Just an example of the various seasonal menus and wine pairings that you can enjoy on the panoramic terrace overlooking the Bolgheri vineyards as far as the sea or in the choreographic ancient oil mill room.

  • Aperitif, an exclusive creation for our guests – Castagneto‘s Spritz: dry sparkling wine cocktail with “Amarancio” liqueur by “Emilio Borsi Liquori”.
  • Starter – Poacher’s plate: mixed game cured meats including wild boar, venison and roe deer, wild boar loin in oil, crouton with venison sauce – paired with “Vermentino” DOC “Ceralti”.

More of the custom menù…

  • First course – Pappardelle of fresh pasta with wild boar ragu – paired with red wine “Le Volte” IGT by “Tenuta Ornellaia”.
  • Main course – Maremma-style wild boar with Tuscan black olives & dark chocolate – paired with “Guido Alberto” by “Tenuta San Guido”.
  • Side pan – Sauteed vegetables (chard, spinach and chicory).
  • Dessert – Zuppa del Conte: cream parfait with pine nuts, almonds and dark chocolate flakes – paired with Vin Santo “Marchesi Antinori”
  • Coffe
  • Digestive LIQUEUR “Elixir China Calisaja” by “Emilio Borsi Liquori”.


  • FULL DAY SIGHTSEEING IN LUXURY CAR, LIMO, VAN OR HELICOPTER with English speaking professional driver/pilot. Departure from any main location, example Rome, Civitavecchia, Livorno, La Spezia, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Venice etc.
  • PRO Photographer/videomaker
  • Mr. Marco Tenerini as your “emotional storytelling guide” for the whole day.


From 510

Rates per person:

ADULT (≥18 yo):
Pax 2: € 870
Pax 3: € 630
Pax 4: € 510
Pax 5: € 510
Pax 6: € 510
Pax 7: € 510
Pax 8: € 510
MINOR (6-17 yo): Pax € 180
INFANT (0-5 yo): FREE

Prices for experience only; ask for transfers prices.
Just tell us how many people and your starting location.


  • Totally handmade digestive liqueur Elixir China Calisaja
  • Liquor of the Shepherd (amazing too, milk and lemon)
  • The Amarancia and the Gentian
  • Visit of the “alchemic” laboratory
  • Gorgeous Tuscan meal with taylor-made 5-6 wines pairing.


Digestive liqueur “Elixir China Calisaja”



  • Arrival in the location
  • Meeting with the owners
  • Welcome drink and/or coffee
  • Storytelling about history, philosophy, products and territory
  • Guided tour of the Factory
  • Tasting of products
  • Transfer to the external restaurant
  • Full Lunch themed on products with wine pairing
  • Free time
  • Goodbye


  • Totally handmade digestive liqueur Elixir China Calisaja
  • Liquor of the Shepherd (amazing too, milk and lemon)
  • The Amarancia and the Gentian
  • Visit of the “alchemic” laboratory
  • Gorgeous Tuscan meal with taylor-made 5-6 wines pairing.


Digestive liqueur “Elixir China Calisaja”


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