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Venetian cuisine + the secrets of wine-food pairing

Private VIP cooking class wine tour Wine Spectator Top100 Verona Allegrini Palazzo Torre 0

Venetian PRIVATE COOKING CLASS in Renaissance Villa

Food lovers & Wine lovers VIP experience

With a 6 times Wine Spectator Top100 wine!!!

Handmade pasta, spicy Brasato with Amarone, rustic Sbrisolona cake

Absolutely private cooking class in a reserved hall of Villa della Torre (an Italian Renaissance palace), handmade traditional pasta, the spicy Brasato with Amarone, the rustic Sbrisolona cake!

059 Allegrini cook

Forget everything you think about Prosecco

prosecco wine tour venice wine excursion wine tasting wine lunch unesco hills

PROSECCO private winery tour + VIP tasting

Food & Wine lovers wine tasting + wine lunch

Sommelier guided: private "unusual" wine tasting & UNESCO Hill's tour

UNESCO World Heritage site "Prosecco hills" guided tour

BELLENDA, a family run & simply unusual “not only” Prosecco winery, one of the Wine Spectator’s Opera Wine “Finest Italian Wines”. Here the wines are “family” wines, but then they are awarded with more than 90 points in the most important international competitions and judged by FORBES as “best values”…

143 Bellenda

10 January 2024

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