BRINDISI Cruise Port (Puglia)

The best WINE TOURS from BRINDISI Cruise Port (Puglia)

Family run organic MILL

Food lovers private tour Mill visit pasta making class Organic cereals tasting lunch puglia

Organic Food lovers private tour, Mill visit, pasta class

Lesson in preparing fresh pasta held by a pasta master

Full tailor-made lunch based on products from the mills

Perfect pairing with Wine Spectator Top 100 Apulian wines

Private visit to ultra-modern high quality organic MILL in Puglia, Orecchiette fresh pasta cooking class, wine pairing GOURMET LUNCH based on cereals.

111 Molino Bongermino

Wine Spectator Top100 + UNESCO site

wine lovers private tour antinori tormaresca tasting wine spectator LOGO 2

Antinori's Tormaresca: wine tour, tasting, lunch

Torcicoda 3 old vintages tasting: TWICE in Wine Spectator Top100

Perfect tailor-made ORGANIC wine pairing Apulian luxury LUNCH

Visit Castel del Monte (UNESCO World Heritage Site) + Trani’s cathedral

Antinori’s Tormaresca Apulian winery: Wine Spectator Top100 private wine tour & tasting, wine pairing lunch. Visit Castel del Monte (UNESCO World Heritage Site) + Trani’s cathedral on the sea,

112 Tormaresca (Antinori)

Ancient cellars dating back to 1850

seafood lovers private tour wine tour tasting puglia Wine spectator top 100

Puglia: private wine tour, tasting + seafood lunch

Private winery visit and Wine Spectator Top 100 wines tasting

2 families of winemakers, innovators & rediscoverers of antiquities

The perfect wine pairing fish LUNCH in the historic center of Nardò

Wine Spectator Top 100 wines in Puglia: private wine tour & tasting – The Marra and Calabrese families produce great wines from native vines, such as Fiano, Negroamaro & Primitivo, a great expression of the precious territory of Salento.

119 Schola Sarmenti

10 January 2024

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