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Bolgheri, Brunello di Montalcino, Amarone

Bolgheri private wine tour Brunello Montalcino Amarone Wine Spectator Top100 aa

Italy's best wines all together in a single tasting

Bolgheri & Brunello di Montalcino (Tuscany), Amarone (Veneto)

The Allegrini family Amarone for 6 times in Wine Spectator Top 100

+ tailor made perfect wine pairing full Tuscan lunch in Bolgheri

Italian wine lovers perfect experience in Tuscany: the BEST Tuscany meets the BEST Veneto: Bolgheri, Brunello di Montalcino, Amarone (6 times in Wine Spectator Top 100)

089 Poggio al Tesoro TmV

Science meets art in our wine-making in Bolgheri

I Greppi vineyard and lake

Bolgheri, Tuscany: wine excursion & wine pairing lunch

Supertuscan wine tasting on Tuscany's coast

Wine Spectator Top100 I GREPPI Bolgheri GREPPICANTE

Perfect wine tour with pairing Tuscan lunch

Every drop of wine we produce here in Bolgheri is an act of alchemy. We are a group of wine lovers, scientists, geologists, economists and horticulturalists, who think about wine making differently… with the perfect blend of knowledge, passion and creativity!

030 I Greppi