The final CHOCOLATE gourmet experience

CHOCOLATE Factory visit at AMEDEI Tuscany

PRO masterclass & PRO guided tour

COCOA based classic Tuscan LUNCH

Much like in Tim Burton’s movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” you’ll immerse in a MAGIC ATMOSPHERE entering the gates of a former cast iron foundry with the charme of an old-fashioned laboratory.

Learn the secrets of modern “alchemists”

Be introduced to liqueur handcrafting, taste a variety of ancient spirits, have a full Tuscan lunch to test their digestive properties. Hands are the only machines and raw ingredients are only natural and mainly produced here.

Olfactory, gustatory & distillation training,..

“Distiller for one day”, Master Distiller Mrs. Priscilla Occhipinti will reveal all the secrets of this “alchemical” profession. Ancestral fragrances, fire, twilight, rustic food and fine wines, an alchemist woman takes you into her world

Chocolate, Spirits, Wines, Tuscan meal…

The chocolate and liqueurs gourmand and the wine connoisseur can meet around the same table… a unique opportunity. Wine, liqueurs and chocolate are considered by experts to be a difficult, if not impossible, combination .. but not HERE !!!..