General info & notes

  • VINTAGES. The availability of the exact vintages as in the description is NOT guaranteed: when no longer available they will be replaced with different vintages of similar quality and price.
  • TASTINGS. During the tastings the quantities of product served are the professional standard ones. Wine tastings are usually accompanied by small quantities of food, designed to enhance the sensations of wine, which are not a real meal.
  • MEALS. During meals, the quantities of food and drinks included in the price are the standard ones of Italian law, although almost always calculated by individual operators in a very abundant manner. By “Light Lunch” we mean a very light meal in terms of quantity of food, in any case of very high quality, designed to pleasantly complete the tasting of wines in combination with the right dishes. By “Full Lunch” we mean a real complete meal, of the number of courses described, with the right quantities of food, if not abundant, always including the right wines. The dishes on the menu in the description are only examples, considering that all menus vary seasonally. However, all menus and related wine pairings have been specially designed for WFTI.
  • FOOTWEAR. None of the WFTI experiences involve strenuous walking, at most a leisurely stroll through vineyards or climbing the steps of a medieval tower. Normal comfortable shoes are therefore sufficient; however, we’d like to advise ladies to avoid stilettos.
  • REDUCED MOBILITY PEOPLE & CHILDREN. Considering that many of the experiences take place in ancient palaces, such as villas and castles, and also with visits to the countryside (vineyards, etc.), we advise you to always check with your retailer in your specific case what are the possible difficulties in using the experience for people with reduced mobility. Similarly, considering that most of the experiences are wine-related, often including explanations of a technical and / or historical nature, minors (0-17 years old) may not find the experience itself entirely suitable for them. On the first page of each experience, however, we have tried to provide you with a general indication of these problems, the “traffic light with smiley faces”: red means experience not recommended, yellow means usable experience but perhaps with difficulty on which to ask for details, green means experience fully usable.
  • DRESS CODE (suggested). Almost all WFTI experiences take place in countryside locations (countryside locations that can also be luxurious ancient villas or castles where the noble owners still reside…) So, keep in mind that often your host is a noble family and that they will let you into their historic private homes and that the restaurants, even if perhaps with a rustic look, are always of a very high standard. To make you feel at ease at all times and in any case, our Experiences Creator Marco Tenerini therefore recommends a classic type of clothing, without excesses, elegant without being formal… trying to avoid shorts for gentlemen and sneakers in general.
  • SUMMER. It is recommended to wear sunglasses and sunhats in the summer months as it gets quite hot.
  • DURATION. In the detail of each experience you’ll find the “ON-SITE” duration, however the indicated number of hours is approximated to plus/minus 1 hour. “ON-SITE” duration means from arrival to the location until the end of the experience and departure and does NOT include the duration of the trips to reach the location and the return (as well as the price of the experience is always intended NOT including these same trips)
  • OPTIONAL JOURNEY. We strongly suggest to add the Optional Journey – If you are going at the location of the experience with your car, you are “forced” to provide that one of the adults in your group (who will drive on the way back) DO NOT DRINK alcohol – If you drive with wine in the belly you risk hefty fines. For your SAFETY our professional drivers DO NOT DRINK at all. the price of the trips to reach the location from your “base” and the relative return is always NOT included in the price of the experience and will be calculated by your dealer according to your needs.
  • PRIVATE. All WFTI experiences are private. This means that you’ll be never merged with other people, on the contrary, in most cases, that day is reserved exclusively for you. In some cases it is possible to add the option of the exclusive use of a room or terrace for lunch.
  • “NOT AVAILABLE” DAYS 2023. All standard Italian public holidays (Jan. 1 – Epiphany, Jan. 6 – Carnival, Feb. 21 – Easter, Apr. 9 – Easter Monday, Apr. 10 – Apr. 25 – May 1 – Jun. 2 – St. Peter and Paul (Rome), Jun. 29 – Aug. 15 – Nov. 1 – Sant’Ambrogio (Milan), 7 Dec. – Dec. 8 – Dec. 25 – Dec. 26 – Dec. 31 – Jan. 1, 2024) – PLUS some LOCAL holidays (details in the single experience notes).
  • PEOPLE. The presence in the experiences of members of the family of the owners, Nobles, etc. it is NOT guaranteed… They are usually present, but in case of previous commitments, they are replaced by highly qualified corporate Ambassadors or executives.


  • ALCOHOLIC drinks for under-18s. The quantity of alcoholic beverages (wine, spirits, liquors, etc.) included in tastings and in the meals does NOT include portions for minors (under 18 years of age) because minors can NOT be served alcoholic beverages.
  • All the goods (products and/or services) you’d like to buy at the company or at the restaurant or in any other place during the experience and that are NOT mentioned in the “included” list.
  • If you do not add also the optional journey, all kind of transports are NOT included (e.g.: transfer from your hotel to the location of the experience, transfer from the winery to the restaurant, etc.)
  • Gratuities.



  • In general terms, all our experiences always include: a) guided tour of the company – b) guided tasting of the products – c) a meal (light or full) focused on the products of the company protagonist of the experience, complete with the right wines. For more details see the “included” list of each experience.


When you fill out the information request form, you DO NOT make any commitment and your form will be sent, for the sole purpose of providing you with all the practical and commercial details of your interest, to a legally operational, registered and licensed Travel Agency.

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    Some of our proposal

    Prosecco vineyards

    An exceptional “Sparkling Awards” collection


    PROSECCO wine tasting & wine pairing lunch

    UNESCO World Heritage site "Prosecco hills"

    VENETO Wines, sustainability, solidarity, art

    Supertuscan from Montalcino & Cooking class

    UNESCO World Heritage site: Prosecco hills, a breathtaking journey. Plus a wine pairing class & cooking class…
    Tenimenti Luigi d'Alessandro

    Professional vertical wine tasting of WS TOP 100


    In Frances Mayes’ “Under the Tuscan Sun” village

    Enjoy Wine Spectator TOP 100 wine

    Tenimenti Luigi D’ALESSANDRO

    "Syrah Cortona Il Bosco"

    Vertical wine tasting of “Syrah Cortona Il Bosco” (Wine Spectator TOP 100), comparative with “Syrah Migliara” (which, according to the producer, exceeds “Il Bosco”) old vintages for a total of 4 wines. Lunch at our elegant restaurant “Osteria CRETA”.
    Brunello di Montalcino Montosoli wine tasting

    One of the most representative vineyards in Italy


    ALTESINO Brunello di Montalcino

    5 times in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100

    Vertical wine tasting & pairing lunch

    Wine Spectator's "Most representative vineyards"

    The gourmet experience for the real wine & food expert: Altesino firmly maintains control over top quality in winemaking, the pro chef plays with heritage & curiosity in custom menù
    Arnaldo Caprai wineyards

    Sicilian Chef, Umbria food, American magazine

    Arnaldo Caprai

    The Saveur 100 mag. Chefs’ Edition

    This Cooking Class is one of "the 100 must-try"

    Wine Spectator Top 100 wine tasting

    Wine Enthusiast European Winery of 2012

    Easy show-cooking-class by Chef Salvatore Denaro, accompanied by WS’s TOP 100 “Grecante”. Libidinous recipes mixing of Sicily with Umbria are famous. Plus TRUFFLE…
    Badia a Coltibuono

    Only WFTI guests are allowed, no one else


    BADIA a COLTIBUONO Chianti Classico

    Wine tasting in Tuscany of TOP 100 Chianti

    Private tour and private Tuscan lunch

    Guests of the De’ Medici Stucchi-Prinetti family

    The noble Mrs. Lorenza De’ Medici and her sons Emanuela, Paolo and Roberto Stucchi Prinetti welcome you in their private Villa. This is the History of wine… more than 500 years…
    Carpineto winery

    Impossible tasting and tailor-made Tuscan menu


    Private tasting of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

    3 times in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100

    Perfect pairing custom luxury Tuscan menu

    3 historic vintages bottles in wooden box

    Experiential tasting in a underground room overlooking the barrels cellar: 4 vintages of 3 times in TOP 100 vertical tasting and perfect pairing-designed luxury Tuscan menu
    Arnaldo Caprai wineyards

    Sicilian Chef, Umbria food, American magazine

    Arnaldo Caprai

    The Saveur 100 mag. Chefs’ Edition

    This Cooking Class is one of "the 100 must-try"

    Wine Spectator Top 100 wine tasting

    Wine Enthusiast European Winery of 2012

    Easy show-cooking-class by Chef Salvatore Denaro, accompanied by WS’s TOP 100 “Grecante”. Libidinous recipes mixing of Sicily with Umbria are famous. Plus TRUFFLE…