All our tours to discover Italian Cheeses

Visit and work in a real dairy for a day

Dairy visit, traditional Apulian cheese lunch, Wine Spectator Top100 wines

The CHEESE lover tour - Food & wine tasting, Puglia

Cheese-maker for a day, steeped in tradition

Produce and taste your own mozzarella and burrata

The cheeses served by The Ritz-Carlton in Osaka, Japan

Cheese maker for a day + cooking class, cheese based amazing lunch in pairing with Wine Spectator Top 100 wines – Internationally awarded cheeses, choiced by The Ritz-Carlton in Osaka, Japan.

127 Caseificio Pioggia (Dairy)

10 January 2024

Dear visitors, the prices you see here are those relating to 2023 and are therefore simply indicative at the moment. The entire catalog is being updated and expanded for 2024 and all prices and details will be published by January 2024.

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