FOOD Gems Tours


Tailor-made wine and tasting menus

WFTI founder Marco “DoctorTuscany” Tenerini is proud to invite you to take a place of honor in one of the tour of this incredible selection of astonishing award-winning food artisans (most of them in Tuscany).

With these wonderful food artists we’ve organized and tailor-made absolutely unique and exclusive experiences (most of them in pairing with Wine Spectator TOP 100 wines in wine-tasting-menus tailor-made by starred chefs and sommeliers exclusively for WFTI), something above any other ever proposed before, something worth trying once in a lifetime.

Your personal driver will take you to the place of experience in great comfort, in a prestige car or elegant van, or even by helicopter.

All of you gourmets know Tuscany has excellences in Cheeses, Cold Cuts & Butchery, Desserts & Chocolate, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Liqueurs, Pasta, Sauces & Ready Meals, Spirits & Cigars, Truffles.

Producers in this Doctor Tuscany’s selection has been worldwide awarded by authoritative competition and experts: Flos Olei, Der Feinschmecker, World Spirits Award, Saveur 100, World Cheese Awards, Slow Food, Academy of Chocolate, Forbes, Luxure, Michelin Guide… etc.

Get on board, your private show is about to begin!


The final CHOCOLATE gourmet experience

CHOCOLATE Factory visit at AMEDEI Tuscany

PRO Chocolate masterclass & PRO tour

COCOA based classic Tuscan LUNCH

Produce your own chocolate TABLET

Much like in Tim Burton’s movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” you’ll immerse in a MAGIC ATMOSPHERE entering the gates of a former cast iron foundry with the charme of an old-fashioned laboratory.

Learn the secrets of modern alchemists

DISTILLERY & Artisan LIQUEURS in Tuscany

Tuscan handcrafted Spirits & Liqueurs

Tuscan full lunch with wine & spirits pairing

Traditional ancient recipes for digestive liqueurs

Be introduced to liqueur handcrafting, taste a variety of ancient spirits, have a full Tuscan lunch to test their digestive properties. Hands are the only machines and raw ingredients are only natural and mainly produced here.

Giacomo Grassi’s class on Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The MEDICI’s of Florence EVO OIL suppliers

Extra Virgin Olive Oil masterclass in Chianti

Tuscan "oil & wine pairing" menù

The Grassi family, licensed olive growers by the Medici of Florence in 1563, welcomes you in the world of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Learn all the secrets of Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from one of the most awarded producers in the world

Olfactory, gustatory & distillation training,..

“Distiller for one day”, Master Distiller Mrs. Priscilla Occhipinti will reveal all the secrets of this “alchemical” profession. Ancestral fragrances, fire, twilight, rustic food and fine wines, an alchemist woman takes you into her world

In Tuscany TRUFFLE is Gold: become treasures hunters!

Received by expert truffle hunter in a Renaissance Villa near Florence, move on a walk to the wood. After the experiences as treasures hunters, you’ll savor traditional Tuscan dishes accompanied by a different wine for each course

CHOCOLATE, Liqueurs, Spirits, Wines, Tuscan meal…

The chocolate and liqueurs gourmand and the wine connoisseur can meet around the same table… a unique opportunity. Wine, liqueurs and chocolate are considered by experts to be a difficult, if not impossible, combination .. but not HERE !!!..

TRUFFLE hunting, judging & cooking (Jan. 01-Sept. 09)

TRUFFLE King of Cuisine. Hunting, Cooking, Enjoying (Jan. 01-Sept. 09): all the secrets unveiled for you. Master everything about the King! Walk to the wood according to the season, cooking class, then lunch enhancing what found in the woods and exploits the things learned in the kitchen

TRUFFLE hunting, judging & cooking (Sept.10-Dec.31)

TRUFFLE King of Cuisine. Hunting, Cooking, Enjoying (Sept.10-Dec.31): all the secrets unveiled for you. Master everything about the King! Walk to the wood according to the season, cooking class, then lunch enhancing what found in the woods and exploits the things learned in the kitchen

“Mallegato”: bitter-sweet spiced PORK BLOOD

See the spices work, prepare the sausages just like in the Middle Ages, including the Mallegato of San Miniato (bitter-sweet preparation of spiced pork blood) (certified by Slow Food, the most prestigious Italian association regarding typical products).

Best cheeses meet Best wines…

SUPER GOLD Medal Cheeses paired with Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 Wines. Exclusive taylor-made tasting in Paradise (Tuscany…). Take your seat in the front row to learn the secrets of SUPER GOLD Medal cheeses and enjoy a unique pairing experience !!!

Immerse into the WILDEST area of Tuscany…

Pecorino (sheep milk) cheese “how it’s done” and then tasted in all of its “variations”: fresh, 2 years aged, organic… and pair them with Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 great wines in a countrystyle classic Tuscan lunch..