WINE Experiences


Tailor made exclusive experiences at wine producers in Tuscany

You’ll be guided by experts in vertical tastings usually reserved for journalists or professionals and enjoy exclusive wine-pairing-menus tailor-made by starred chefs and sommeliers.

You’ll visit places that are closed to every other tourist and drink bottles taken from the personal collections of the owners.

Your personal driver will take you to the place of experience in great comfort, in a prestige car or elegant van, or even by helicopter.

We are really proud to say that here at WFTI you can find almost all the Italian wineries, especially the Tuscan ones, which from 1999 to today have been at least once in the TOP 100 ranking of Wine Spectator.

With these wonderful wine producers we have organized and tailor-made absolutely unique and exclusive experiences, something above any other ever proposed before, something worth trying once in a lifetime.

American magazine Wine Spectator is recognized as the most authoritative in the world of wine. Each year its experts taste about 15,000 wines, and draw up the TOP 100 ranking based on 4 criteria: quality, value, availability, plus an “X-factor”.

Are you ready to enter this elite as protagonists?

What is your favorite experience?


Most Admired Wine Brands by Drinks Int. mag.

Wine tasting in Chianti: CASTELLO d’ALBOLA

"Chianti Classico Riserva" Wine Spectator Top100

"Chianti Classico Riserva" tasting of 6 old vintages

EXCLUSIVE & PRIVATE wine experience

Ten family wineries all around the world: this is the Gem of the Crown. Exclusive private tasting of 6 old vintages of Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 Chianti Classico, plus wine pairing lunch…

Learn how to cook like a real Tuscan

Tuscan COOKING & wine pairing CLASSES

Taste the Tuscan LUNCH prepared by YOU

PRIVATE entire winery tour

Custom vertical TASTING of 6 old vintages

Tuscan cooking & Tuscan wines pairing classes, in the Tuscan Gem on a crown of 10 family estates worldwide: one of “The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands 2020”, according to “Drinks International” UK Magazine.

One of the most representative vineyards in Italy

ALTESINO Brunello di Montalcino

5 times in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100

Vertical wine tasting & pairing lunch

Wine Spectator's "Most representative vineyards"

The gourmet experience for the real wine & food expert: Altesino firmly maintains control over top quality in winemaking, the pro chef plays with heritage & curiosity in custom menù
rceno_Arcanum_Toscana_Il_Fauno private_wine_tour

Private Top100 wine tasting & wine pairing lunch

ARCANUM Toscana “Il FAUNO” wine tasting

Wine Spectator's Top100

Supertuscans wines between Florence and Siena

Chef prepared Tuscan wine pairing lunch

Supertuscans wines halfway between Florence and Siena, the heart of Tuscany, plus Professional Chef prepared Tuscan lunch with “zero food miles” ingredients…

PRIVATE classic Tuscan cooking class

Private Cooking Class in Tuscany (Chianti)

COOKING CLASS “Zero food miles”

Arcanum Toscana Il Fauno - Tenuta di Arceno

Pairing with Wine Spectator Top100 wines

Exclusive formula: only 4 people will have an apartment in an ancient village, there they’ll have fun with our professional chef to prepare and enjoy a Tuscan lunch with wine pairing

The most choreographic vineyards in Tuscany

Private wine tasting in the hearth of Tuscany

AVIGNONESI Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Supertuscan 50&50 TOSCANA I.G.T.

In the “Under the Tuscan Sun” novel valley

PRIVATE WINE VISIT of vineyards, Vinsantaia, Barricaia guided by English speaking expert + Private VERTICAL WINE TASTING of Supertuscan wine 50&50 + wine-paired full LUNCH in panoramic restaurant

The Princess who likes to be a peasant

Organic Prosecco wine tasting

In a UNESCO World Heritage site

Taste & pair “club of 90+ pts.” Prosecco

A Princess who likes to be a peasant

The perfect farm tour: visit UNESCO World Heritage vineyards, taste world awarded Prosecco, enjoy 0 miles food. Prosecco is a sensorial experience to be savoured with the eyes, nose and palate, here you’ll find out how it’s made and perfectly paired.

An exceptional “Sparkling Awards” collection

PROSECCO wine tasting & wine pairing lunch

UNESCO World Heritage site "Prosecco hills"

VENETO Wines, sustainability, solidarity, art

Supertuscan from Montalcino & Cooking class

UNESCO World Heritage site: Prosecco hills, a breathtaking journey. Plus a wine pairing class & cooking class…

Vines were cultivated here 3,000 years ago…

Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 at CAPEZZANA estate

Wine tasting: Carmignano Villa di Capezzana

TUSCANY, but away from he mad crowd

3,000 years old vines, 500 years old recipes

The noble family who donated masterpieces of art to the UFFIZI National Museum in Florence hosts you for a unique Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 vertical tasting plus a classic Tuscan lunch…

Culinary tradition is married to winemaking

Tuscan "Wine and Culinary Center"

Cookin class with Renaissance recipes

Food culture reference point in Tuscany

Wine Spectator Top 100 wine tasting

“Renaissance style” Cooking Class, learn ancient recipes, pair with WS TOP 100 wines as guest of a noble family who donated masterpieces of art to UFFIZI Museum in Florence

Gourmet “explorer”: TOP wines near Tuscany

Wine Enthusiast European Winery of 2012

Umbria region best wine tasting

Private food & wine experience

Wine Spectator Top 100 white wine

Just a few kilometers away from Tuscany, in the green heart of Italy where San Francesco was born, in Wine Spectator TOP 100 appears a WHITE wine. Tasting “0 miles food” lunch…

Sicilian Chef, Umbria food, American magazine

The Saveur 100 mag. Chefs’ Edition

This Cooking Class is one of "the 100 must-try"

Wine Spectator Top 100 wine tasting

Wine Enthusiast European Winery of 2012

Easy show-cooking-class by Chef Salvatore Denaro, accompanied by WS’s TOP 100 “Grecante”. Libidinous recipes mixing of Sicily with Umbria are famous. Plus TRUFFLE…

Impossible tasting and tailor-made Tuscan menu

Private tasting of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

3 times in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100

Perfect pairing custom luxury Tuscan menu

3 historic vintages bottles in wooden box

Experiential tasting in a underground room overlooking the barrels cellar: 4 vintages of 3 times in TOP 100 vertical tasting and perfect pairing-designed luxury Tuscan menu

Wine pairing Bolgheri lunch with 5 wines

Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 wine to drink everyday

Bolgheri terroir: land of the “King” Sassicaia

Wine lovers Tuscan wine pairing lunch

Minimized environmental impact ECO winery

Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 wine you can drink everyday: luxury has never been so easy. New winemaking way in the land of “King” Sassicaia… Young wineries are growing up to Paradise…

NOT for the faint of heart…

Brunello di Montalcino "Tenuta Nuova" 2001

#1 in Wine Spectator's TOP 100 2006

Four 100 pts. wines by international experts

Tuscan ESOTERIC wine tasting

Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova 2001, #1 WINE in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 of 2006 and 4 100 points by other international experts: Brunello Tenuta Nuova 2006, Brunello Tenuta Nuova 2010, Brunello Cerretalto 2012 e Brunello Cerretalto 2013


Brunello di Montalcino "TENUTA NUOVA"

World Champion historic VERTICAL tasting

Simply the BEST wine tasting in Tuscany

SIX times in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100

For the serious wine lover a “The best or nothing” experience. Incredible vertical tasting of 4 TOP 100’s and a classic Tuscan lunch designed specifically to perfectly match the wines of Casanova di Neri…

Lunch at the Castle with the Marquis François

Chianti Classico Riserva: Wine Spectator's TOP 100

Wine tasting & lunch at the Castle

Classy lunch as personal guests of the Marquis

PRo wine tasting & tour of winery

Visit Marquis’s private residence in the Castle, tour a 1100 a.D. cellar, drink aperitif on the tower, vertical tasting of Wine Spectator’s TOP 100, have lunch at the table of Marquis François…

Living History private wine experience

COLTIBUONO Toscana CANCELLI supertuscan

Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 vertical wine tasting

HISTORY of wine, more than 500 years

Tuscany: a 1.000 years old Abbey-winery

Private wine tasting in a Chianti millenary Abbey, have a wine pairing lunch in a unique atmosphere. The De’ Medici family is history of the western world, the Stucchi Prinetti family is history of wine.

Only WFTI guests are allowed, no one else

BADIA a COLTIBUONO Chianti Classico

Wine tasting in Tuscany of TOP 100 Chianti

Private tour and private Tuscan lunch

Guests of the De’ Medici Stucchi-Prinetti family

The noble Mrs. Lorenza De’ Medici and her sons Emanuela, Paolo and Roberto Stucchi Prinetti welcome you in their private Villa. This is the History of wine… more than 500 years…

Cooking in a 1.000 years old Abbey

World famous Tuscan COOKING SCHOOL

Founded by noble Mrs. Lorenza De’ Medici

BADIA a COLTIBUONO Chianti Classico

Wine Spectator Top 100 wine tasting

A unique chance to learn classical Tuscan cuisine through a hands-on approach in Coltibuono’s family kitchen. Our guests will all work together with famous chefs to prepare a whole 4 course menu using only local and seasonal ingredients.

Professional vertical wine tasting of WS TOP 100

In Frances Mayes’ “Under the Tuscan Sun” village

Enjoy Wine Spectator TOP 100 wine

Tenimenti Luigi D’ALESSANDRO

"Syrah Cortona Il Bosco"

Vertical wine tasting of “Syrah Cortona Il Bosco” (Wine Spectator TOP 100), comparative with “Syrah Migliara” (which, according to the producer, exceeds “Il Bosco”) old vintages for a total of 4 wines. Lunch at our elegant restaurant “Osteria CRETA”.

Full immersion: vineyards & 0 miles Tuscan food

Fattoria di Felsina Chianti Classico Berardenga

FOUR times in Wine Spectator Top 100

Tuscan ORGANIC perfect farm

The Wall Street Journal: best 5 wines

Come visit this perfect organic farm in Tuscany and experience the magic that nature offers: the vineyards, olive trees, the woods. Discover the fascination of the old cellar and its striking barrel room, enter the places where our wines age and are prepared for bottling.

In TOP 100 Italian Excellences of FORBES

Prosecco FOLLADOR: sophisticated & glamorous

Selected by James Suckling for his own wine bar

Venice style wine tasting & wine tour

Prosecco of Orient Express, train of the Kings

Full wine lunch custom designed to perfectly pair Proseccos that were recognised excellent by the Venetian Doge in 1769 and that today Mr. James Suckling selected for his wine bar.

Science meets art in our winemaking in Bolgheri

We are a group of wine lovers, scientists, geologists, economists and horticulturalists, who think about wine making differently. Every drop we produce is an act of alchemy, with the perfect blend of knowledge, passion and creativity!

Taste BRUNELLO directly from the barrels

Visit the most historic vineyards in the world: where the original Brunello grape variety was selected and where the mother-vines are STILL the SAME
038_Ricasoli-Barone Ricasoli-Castello-di-Brolio

The GHOST of the noble man that created Chianti

Wine tour at BARONE RICASOLI Castle

Private tour inside Castello di Brolio

"Chianti Classico" or "Casalferro" wine tasting

Wine Spectator TOP100 for 4 times!

Exclusive tour inside Castello di Brolio, current residence of the Ricasoli family. Vertical tasting of Chianti Classico Castello di Brolio or Casalferro… and the ghost of The Iron Baron

Tasting Chianti directly from the barrique barrel

Professional exclusive tasting directly from the barrique barrel, professional tasting of limited edition wines, wine-pairing Tuscan lunch. The most complete and immersive, like professionals, Tuscan wine experience…

4 vintages from 4 decades private tasting

From the producers of the Chianti bottle N. 00000001, a travel back in tasting 40 years of Reserves. Usually tastings of this very high level are priceless, they are simply reserved for professionals.

In Tuscany TRUFFLE is Gold: become treasures hunters!

Received by expert truffle hunter in a Renaissance Villa near Florence, move on a walk to the wood. After the experiences as treasures hunters, you’ll savor traditional Tuscan dishes accompanied by a different wine for each course

CHOCOLATE, Liqueurs, Spirits, Wines, Tuscan meal…

The chocolate and liqueurs gourmand and the wine connoisseur can meet around the same table… a unique opportunity. Wine, liqueurs and chocolate are considered by experts to be a difficult, if not impossible, combination .. but not HERE !!!..

High spirituality & rustic energy: SAGRANTINO

Umbria is a land of religion and magic, of San Francesco and devils, and wine used as a potion by exorcists. Feel the high spirituality and rustic energy of a wine unknown to most but appreciated like few others by experts.

The background of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monna Lisa

SUPERTUSCAN wine tasting in Tuscany

Toscana Crognolo and Toscana Oreno

Da Vinci’s Monna Lisa (the Gioconda)

In Wine Spectator Top 100 for 5 times!!!

History makes sense: Etruscans, Romans, the Medicis, the Princesses of Savoia-Aosta… all winemakers HERE. Personal guest of the owners, have lunch facing the landscape that’s on the background of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monna Lisa (the Gioconda).

A Tour in Italian “Club of 90 plus” wines

A wine “TOUR of ITALY”, from North to South, simply sitting in Verona, following the enthusiasm and passion of the Tommasi family. Tuscany, Veneto, Lombardy, Basilicata, Puglia

Personal sommelier serving in the vineyards

Brunello di Montalcino 1998 (#27 in 2003 Wine Spectator Top 100): the classic Tuscan family run farm: vineyards, olive groves, traditional home cooking and family’s historical bottles, directly from the winemaker private cellar.

MONTALCINO: the best of classic Tuscany, but easy…

Brunello di Montalcino 1998 (#27 in 2003 Wine Spectator Top 100): a WFTI exclusive directly from the winemaker private cellar. The classic Tuscan family run farm: vineyards, olive groves, traditional home cooking and family’s historical bottles…

Relaxed classy country style TUSCANY experience

Slow off-road itinerary in the vineyards and classic Tuscan country style tasting-lunch pairing with TOP 100 Chianti Classico Riserva. Really unique scenic itinerary in the vineyards, welcome drink on top of a panoramic hill, classic Tuscan wine-tasting-lunch

The “Dolce Vita” in Tuscany

Personal guest in the private Villa of the Marrocchesi Marzi family for a classic elegant Tuscan lunch. Feel like James Bond 007 in the middle of the vineyards in a suit and tie, then enjoy an unrepeatable tasting-lunch with the TOP 100 wine line.

The Manhattan of the Middle Ages

Taste one of the few Tuscan WHITE wines in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 facing the landscape (and the “skyline”…) we usually find in the masterpieces of the Renaissance painting.

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The spirit of the still wildest area in Tuscany

Guest of charming “The Morellino’s Lady”, in a wild but welcoming and, in its own way, refined Tuscany. The wines of the riders  who challenged and defeated Buffalo Bill, men and women as hard and fascinating as their wonderful wines

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Immerse into the WILDEST area of Tuscany…

Pecorino (sheep milk) cheese “how it’s done” and then tasted in all of its “variations”: fresh, 2 years aged, organic… and pair them with Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 great wines in a countrystyle classic Tuscan lunch..