In the most prestigious wineries in Tuscany

We invite our kind guests to forget everything they have heard about cooking schools in Italy and Tuscany: here at WFTI we have created something different from everything that existed before.

ALL our cooking classes are PRIVATE, they are THEMATIC (Renaissance cuisine, Classic Tuscany, Pastry, etc.), include lessons on wine pairings (mostly wines in the TOP 100 of Wine Spectator), are held by award-winning professional CHEFS.

Almost all cooking classes take place over a whole day at the most prestigious wineries in Tuscany, immersed in the most spectacular landscapes and environments in the world of wine & food.

Your personal driver will take you to the place of experience in great comfort, in a prestige car or elegant van, or even by helicopter.

Are you feeling passionate enough for something above any other ever proposed before, something worth trying once in a lifetime?

Historical Cooking Class in Barolo

080 marchesi di barolo castle private VIP cooking class wine spectator top100


Old vintages VIP tasting: “00-”03-”06-”09 or “93-”03-”07-”16

Barbera del Monferrato Maraja, twice in Wine Spectator Top100

The flavors of traditional Langhe cuisine and its great wines

Castle & Winery private tour, private VIP old vintages wine tasting, private Chef guided COOKING CLASS, TAILOR MADE wine pairing LUNCH… + Wine Spectator Top100 (twice) Barbera del Monferrato Maraia

080 Marchesi di Barolo Cook

Ice Cream Class + Wine Spectator Top100 wines

Florence private VIP ice cream cooking class wine spectator top 100 wine pairing Tuscan lunch food tour

FLORENCE: private Ice Cream Cooking Class

Food & Wine lovers VIP cooking class + Tuscan lunch

Class: Ice Cream, Zuccotto Fiorentino, Vin Santo & Cantucci

The Renaissance architect invented here ice cream and its machine

The perfect Ice Cream Class: in Florence, where the architect of the Medici court invented ice cream and the machine to make it. While you attend the class staff in the kitchen will prepare a full Tuscan lunch, with Wine Spectator Top100 wines.

142 Florence ICE CREAM cook

March 2024

Dear visitors, the prices you see here are those relating to 2023 and are therefore simply indicative at the moment. The entire catalog is being updated and expanded for 2024 and all prices and details will be published as soon as possible.

Thank you and see you soon!