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French cuisine was born in Italy…

ONION SOUP: Caterina de Medici’s renaissance STORY

And so we find our "Papero al Melarancio" which becomes the Duck with Orange, then our "Pezze della Nonna" which become none other than the Crepes, the "Salsa Colla" which turns into Béchamel...

1533: the banquet for the wedding between Caterina dè Medici and the King of France Henry II – Caterina manages to impose a little more Renaissance refined behaviours in that Gallic court…

The absolutely CLASSIC Tuscan recipe

ONION SOUP: Caterina de Medici’s Renaissance RECIPE

The “Carabaccia” that you find today in Tuscan restaurants is unfortunately affected by adaptations: restrictions to make it cheaper, or additions to make it more "filling"

The “Carabaccia” (onion soup) with Caterina in France becomes the Soupe à l’Oignon: according to her it was a very aphrodisiac food, of which she made several times indigestion

Porchetta is a crusted baked entire pork with spices


Here we are talking about cold cuts for tough men, even if highly appreciated by ladies.

Products here are very traditional, with a range of flavors always truly powerful. The meats are extremely valuable in many cases, already very tasty and their flavor is enhanced and highlighted by the unusual spices.