About Wine & Food Tours in Italy

What we do

This site has the purpose of presenting the products and services in the catalogue to the public and advertising them.

This site has the intention and function of making Italy’s food and wine culture of the highest level known and of promoting the possibility of living experiences that they will remember for a lifetime to a selected international public.

This site is NOT a newspaper and has no periodicity.

This site is NOT an e-commerce site.

Our catalogue in 10 points

  2. 4 interest categories: Rare WINES, FOOD Gems, COOKING Classes, Astonishing LOCATIONS
  3. Selection criterion: wineries must have been at least once in Wine Spectator magazine TOP 100 in the last 20 years, food producers must be one of the most awarded in the world, cooking classes must be “unique”, locations must be astonishing.
  4. Additional selection criteria: as we do not sell bottles, we selected amazing historical places, absolutely unique people, incredible products with astonishing stories to tell.
  5. We’re covering entire Italy, from the Alpes to Sicily.
  6. About 70 hot experiences in Tuscany, other 80 smartly distributed for a minimum of 4 per area (so, if the experience you have chosen is not available, we are able to answer you with the perfect alternatives)… and we’re constantly adding new incredible discoveries!!
  7. PRIVATE & ALL-INCLUSIVE: tailor-made visit, tailor-made tasting, tailor-made lunch with tailor-made wine pairing (to be added only transfer from your “pick up place” to experience location and back)
  8. Maniacal attention to details: care without exception of absolute typicality, coherence in all aspects, finishing up to the definition of absolute perfection and completeness (we discussed with the chefs also the brand of the coffee…)
  9. Price range (experience only, per person, Euro): the price range varies from 200 to 20,000 euros per person, with an average price of less than 500 euros per person – At WFTI we believe Luxury is not (always) a matter of money.
  10. Only ON REQUEST: as these exclusive experiences are all tailor-made events, most of the time involving exclusive locations and VIP, they will be held only on request and must be booked a lot in advance.

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    Our catalogue in detail

    Only the BEST of the BEST, from Wine Spectator TOP 100 wineries to Super Gold Award dairies, to the most awarded distillery in the world, to the olive oil supplier for the Medici’s family.

    THEMATIC areas:

    • RARE WINES (WS’s TOP100, Historic)
    • FOOD GEMS (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Cuts & Butchery, Cheeses, Chocolate & Desserts, Liqueurs, Spirits & Cigars, Pasta, Truffles, Sauces & Ready Meals)
    • COOKING ACADEMIES (Tuscan, Italian, Thematic, Pastry).

    Each single experience is absolutely EXCLUSIVE (tailor-made for WFTI only).

    ONE-DAY experiences packaged “ALL INCLUSIVE – TURNKEY”, about 50% taking place in Tuscany, but also distributed almost ALL OVER ITALY. The only OPTION is the trip: to have a LIMOUSINE chauffeur service or HELICOPTER. Most experiences are available on request in 2 versions, one “FULL” and one “COMPACT” in order to make them accessible in SHORE EXCURSION mode by the main Italian cruise ports.

    MODULARITY – As those are all ONE DAY experiences they’re ready to be used as “BRICKS” to create MULTI-DAY journeys: the Travel Agency that will receive your info request form can easily add same high level ACCOMODATIONS (a lot of the wineries offers also hotel services in castles, villas or farms) and TRANSPORT (with long experience English speaking drivers) to build, for example, geographical or thematic weeks, packaged and turnkey.

    All experiences are PRIVATE, take place only ONCE A DAY and always include a custom TOUR guided by experts, a professional custom TASTING, a MEAL (inside winery or at a near restaurant) with a complete custom menu with drinks (from aperitif to liqueur after coffee).


    Simply the top

    Selected with obsessive attention to quality and livability, tailor-made, predefined in every detail, packaged in a closed experience-package: our beloved guests have NO WAY OF GETTING LOST IN OPTIONS AND VARIANTS.

    Designed in the smallest details by a Wine & Food expert in collaboration with internationally awarded producers and famous chefs to rise above any experience available before.


    Groups up to maximum 8 guests (adults & minors) with just a few exceptions.

    Guided for the whole experience by an Ambassador or one of the owners who for that day is dedicated only to you.

    You are NEVER MERGED with other people, on the contrary, in most cases, that day is reserved exclusively for YOU.

    Rare wines

    The primary selection criteria was to contact Italian wineries that, from 1999 to today, have been at least once in the TOP 100 ranking of Wine Spectator magazine.

    With these wonderful wine producers I’ve organized and tailor-made absolutely unique and exclusive experiences, something above any other ever proposed before.

    I arranged:

    • a dedicated Ambassador or one person of the family as guide
    • visit in places that are closed to every other tourist
    • bottles taken from the personal collections of the owners
    • vertical tastings usually reserved for journalists or professionals
    • if lunch is in the villa or castle, a member of the noble family at the table and a custom wine pairing menu.

    Astonishing locations

    Marco Tenerini is constantly dealing with a selection of NOBLE families to obtain their CASTLES, HISTORICAL PALACES and VILLAS (usually closed as they’re private residences) as locations for our most incredible experiences and to have a member of the family receiving our guests.

    We mean places as the palace (and the bed) where Emperor Bonaparte slept or the summer residence of the Popes.

    We mean people like a Princess of the Holy Roman Empire.

    Food gems

    I searched for the most famous and worldwide awarded food artisans that enjoy extreme international visibility for prestigious awards in their respective sectors: awarded by authoritative competition and experts (Flos Olei, Der Feinschmecker, World Spirits Award, Saveur 100, World Cheese Awards, Slow Food, Academy of Chocolate, Forbes, Luxure, Michelin Guide… etc.).

    With these food artists I’ve organized and tailor-made absolutely unique and exclusive experiences (most of them in pairing with WS’s TOP100 wines in wine-tasting-menus tailor-made by starred chefs and sommeliers exclusively for WFTI).

    Cooking academies

    I asked all the wineries and food artisans if they were able to organize private and special Cooking Classes, and also searched for the most authoritative Cooking Academies in Italy.

    ALL WFTI cooking classes are PRIVATE, they are THEMATIC (Renaissance cuisine, Classic Tuscany, Pastry, Roman Empire, etc.), include lessons on wine pairings (mostly WS’s TOP100 wines), are held by award-winning professional CHEFS and will be held in amazing locations.


    These will be part of the experience when meal are not available inside the winery/factory.

    Positively reviewed by experts and end customers, starred or “historic”. With them I’ve created an EXCLUSIVE MENU designed specifically for matching with the wines or products of the key player of the experience.

    Some of our proposal


    The final CHOCOLATE gourmet experience


    CHOCOLATE Factory visit at AMEDEI Tuscany

    PRO Chocolate masterclass & PRO tour

    COCOA based classic Tuscan LUNCH

    Produce your own chocolate TABLET

    Much like in Tim Burton’s movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” you’ll immerse in a MAGIC ATMOSPHERE entering the gates of a former cast iron foundry with the charme of an old-fashioned laboratory.
    Cooking class in Tuscany

    Learn how to cook like a real Tuscan

    Castello d’Albola

    Tuscan COOKING & wine pairing CLASSES

    Taste the Tuscan LUNCH prepared by YOU

    PRIVATE entire winery tour

    Custom vertical TASTING of 6 old vintages

    Tuscan cooking & Tuscan wines pairing classes, in the Tuscan Gem on a crown of 10 family estates worldwide: one of “The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands 2020”, according to “Drinks International” UK Magazine.
    Barone Ricasoli Castello di Brolio

    The GHOST of the noble man that created Chianti

    Barone Ricasoli

    Wine tour at BARONE RICASOLI Castle

    Private tour inside Castello di Brolio

    "Chianti Classico" or "Casalferro" wine tasting

    Wine Spectator TOP100 for 4 times!

    Exclusive tour inside Castello di Brolio, current residence of the Ricasoli family. Vertical tasting of Chianti Classico Castello di Brolio or Casalferro… and the ghost of The Iron Baron
    Badia a Coltibuono

    Only WFTI guests are allowed, no one else


    BADIA a COLTIBUONO Chianti Classico

    Wine tasting in Tuscany of TOP 100 Chianti

    Private tour and private Tuscan lunch

    Guests of the De’ Medici Stucchi-Prinetti family

    The noble Mrs. Lorenza De’ Medici and her sons Emanuela, Paolo and Roberto Stucchi Prinetti welcome you in their private Villa. This is the History of wine… more than 500 years…
    Casanova di Neri wine

    NOT for the faint of heart…


    Brunello di Montalcino "Tenuta Nuova" 2001

    #1 in Wine Spectator's TOP 100 2006

    Four 100 pts. wines by international experts

    Tuscan ESOTERIC wine tasting

    Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova 2001, #1 WINE in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 of 2006 and 4 100 points by other international experts: Brunello Tenuta Nuova 2006, Brunello Tenuta Nuova 2010, Brunello Cerretalto 2012 e Brunello Cerretalto 2013
    Caprai winery

    Gourmet “explorer”: TOP wines near Tuscany

    Arnaldo Caprai

    Wine Enthusiast European Winery of 2012

    Umbria region best wine tasting

    Private food & wine experience

    Wine Spectator Top 100 white wine

    Just a few kilometers away from Tuscany, in the green heart of Italy where San Francesco was born, in Wine Spectator TOP 100 appears a WHITE wine. Tasting “0 miles food” lunch…
    Prosecco vineyards

    An exceptional “Sparkling Awards” collection


    PROSECCO wine tasting & wine pairing lunch

    UNESCO World Heritage site "Prosecco hills"

    VENETO Wines, sustainability, solidarity, art

    Supertuscan from Montalcino & Cooking class

    UNESCO World Heritage site: Prosecco hills, a breathtaking journey. Plus a wine pairing class & cooking class…