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One-day WINE & FOOD EXPERIENCES all packaged “TURNKEY”, mainly taking place in TUSCANY, CHIANTI area.

Our experts have already thought of every little detail to carve out perfect experiences aiming only at absolute EXCLUSIVITY, the highest QUALITY, maximum EMOTIONS.

The only decision that is up to you is which experience INSPIRES you the most, then you just have to get comfortable and ENJOY.

Visits to places otherwise closed, historical tastings otherwise reserved for professionals, meals with menus created exclusively for WFTI.

All our experiences are PRIVATE, take place only once a day and always include a guided tour by experts, a professional tasting, a meal with a complete menu with drinks (from aperitif to liqueur after coffee).

The only option is the trip: to have a chauffeur with a class car or minivan or helicopter.

Only the best of the best, from the Wine Spectator TOP 100 wineries to the Super Gold Award dairies, to the most awarded distillery in the world.

All ready, all turnkey.

Feeling passionate enough for something above any other ever proposed before, something worth trying once in a lifetime?

Some of our proposals


Gourmet “explorer”: TOP wines near Tuscany

Wine Enthusiast European Winery of 2012

Umbria region best wine tasting

Private food & wine experience

Wine Spectator Top 100 white wine

Just a few kilometers away from Tuscany, in the green heart of Italy where San Francesco was born, in Wine Spectator TOP 100 appears a WHITE wine. Tasting “0 miles food” lunch…

Taste BRUNELLO directly from the barrels

Brunello di Montalcino was created HERE

Wine tasting from the barrels

Brunello "Super-Riserva" aged 10 years

Wine Spectator TOP 100 #5 2021

The most historic vineyards in the world: where the original Brunello grape variety was selected and where the mother-vines are STILL the SAME

The final CHOCOLATE gourmet experience

CHOCOLATE Factory visit at AMEDEI Tuscany

PRO Chocolate masterclass & PRO tour

COCOA based classic Tuscan LUNCH

Produce your own chocolate TABLET

Much like in Tim Burton’s movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” you’ll immerse in a MAGIC ATMOSPHERE entering the gates of a former cast iron foundry with the charme of an old-fashioned laboratory.

Learn the secrets of modern alchemists

DISTILLERY & Artisan LIQUEURS in Tuscany

Tuscan handcrafted Spirits & Liqueurs

Tuscan full lunch with wine & spirits pairing

Traditional ancient recipes for digestive liqueurs

Be introduced to liqueur handcrafting, taste a variety of ancient spirits, have a full Tuscan lunch to test their digestive properties. Hands are the only machines and raw ingredients are only natural and mainly produced here.

Cooking Class & Pairing with WS’s TOP 100 wines


In the “Under the Tuscan Sun” novel valley

Tuscan meals & the perfect wine pairing

Supertuscan "50&50" wine tasting

Tuscan chef for one day in a panoramic terrace looking at the “Under the Tuscan Sun” novel village. Make Tuscan meals with a professional chef in the most choreographic vineyards in Tuscany

One of the most representative vineyards in Italy

ALTESINO Brunello di Montalcino

5 times in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100

Vertical wine tasting & pairing lunch

Wine Spectator's "Most representative vineyards"

The gourmet experience for the real wine & food expert: Altesino firmly maintains control over top quality in winemaking, the pro chef plays with heritage & curiosity in custom menù

An exceptional “Sparkling Awards” collection

PROSECCO wine tasting & wine pairing lunch

UNESCO World Heritage site "Prosecco hills"

VENETO Wines, sustainability, solidarity, art

Supertuscan from Montalcino & Cooking class

UNESCO World Heritage site: Prosecco hills, a breathtaking journey. Plus a wine pairing class & cooking class…

Giacomo Grassi’s class on Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The MEDICI’s of Florence EVO OIL suppliers

Extra Virgin Olive Oil masterclass in Chianti

Tuscan "oil & wine pairing" menù

The Grassi family, licensed olive growers by the Medici of Florence in 1563, welcomes you in the world of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Learn all the secrets of Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from one of the most awarded producers in the world
rceno_Arcanum_Toscana_Il_Fauno private_wine_tour

Private Top100 wine tasting & wine pairing lunch

ARCANUM Toscana “Il FAUNO” wine tasting

Wine Spectator's Top100

Supertuscans wines between Florence and Siena

Chef prepared Tuscan wine pairing lunch

Supertuscans wines halfway between Florence and Siena, the heart of Tuscany, plus Professional Chef prepared Tuscan lunch with “zero food miles” ingredients…

Taste BRUNELLO directly from the barrels

Brunello di Montalcino was created HERE

Wine tasting from the barrels

Brunello "Super-Riserva" aged 10 years

Wine Spectator TOP 100 #5 2021

The most historic vineyards in the world: where the original Brunello grape variety was selected and where the mother-vines are STILL the SAME

Science meets art in our wine-making in Bolgheri


Supertuscan wine tasting on Tuscany's coast

Wine Spectator TOP 100 2009 n.46, 92 pts.

Perfect wine tour with pairing Tuscan lunch

Every drop of wine we produce here in Bolgheri is an act of alchemy. We are a group of wine lovers, scientists, geologists, economists and horticulturalists, who think about wine making differently… with the perfect blend of knowledge, passion and creativity!

“Prosecco” Menù of Venetian gourmanderies

The Prosecco inside Cipriani’s cocktail BELLINI

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Prosecco Hills

Venetian custom wine pairing menù

Prosecco Brut: 91 pts. by James Suckling

Collalbrigo Prosecco is the wine that is worlwide used by the officials CIPRIANI and HARRY’s Bar barmans to prepare the original BELLINI cocktail.

Culinary tradition is married to winemaking

Tuscan "Wine and Culinary Center"

Cookin class with Renaissance recipes

Food culture reference point in Tuscany

Wine Spectator Top 100 wine tasting

“Renaissance style” Cooking Class, learn ancient recipes, pair with WS TOP 100 wines as guest of a noble family who donated masterpieces of art to UFFIZI Museum in Florence

NOT for the faint of heart…

Brunello di Montalcino "Tenuta Nuova" 2001

#1 in Wine Spectator's TOP 100 2006

Four 100 pts. wines by international experts

Tuscan ESOTERIC wine tasting

Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova 2001, #1 WINE in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 of 2006 and 4 100 points by other international experts: Brunello Tenuta Nuova 2006, Brunello Tenuta Nuova 2010, Brunello Cerretalto 2012 e Brunello Cerretalto 2013